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August 3, 2014 - 1 minute read

Moment Fitness Amber sitting

My friend Amber at Moment Fitness provides posture and movement coaching based on physical therapy and exercise anatomy. Amber has the special abilities to see where people are out of alignment and get them back into healthy movement patterns through coaching and exercises. Because she climbs, skis, and runs Amber is in tune with the needs of people like me, who will be carrying backpacks for long periods, absorbing shocks on long ski runs, and have a history with orthopedic injuries.

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Nick Spang Moment Fitness

When I came to Amber my hips and back hurt every time I had to stand for more than 30 minutes, and my knees hurt if I had to sit down with bent legs for long periods. Amber saw that the way I was standing, walking, running, and jumping were putting too much stress on certain muscles and ligaments and not using the ones that would be best. Through a series of sessions I learned to keep my head balanced on my neck, my upper body stacked on my hips, and naturally use the best muscles for the job.

The results have been outstanding and I recommend Amber for anybody dealing with joint or muscle pain.