May 15, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Nick Spang RealtyHub Map

RealtyHub hits on a lot of stuff that I like: technology, economics, and real estate. The web app displays houses in the foreclosure process on a map and table, where you can track them from initial paperwork filings to sale at auction on the county courthouse steps. Before tools like this came along you had to rely on a lot of first person research or real estate brokers that specialize in distressed real estate sales, and there was never a way to know if you were seeing everything or just what the agents wanted you to see.

Foreclosures add an interesting dimension to the real estate market and provide a way to earn returns on real estate investments that are a lot higher than traditional approaches. The trouble is, there’s risk involved, the time-tables are arduous, and huge amounts of money are at stake.

RealtyHub creates an even information playing field and opens up distressed real estate to local investors who want to research properties, buy them then either flip, rent or move into them. If done right, buying a foreclosure can save North of 30% vs retail transactions.

If you are interested in access to RealtyHub, let me know. The site is in beta for testing by family and friends.

Besides the map view, RealtyHub also has a Table View where you can sort and filter down to exactly what you’re looking for:
Realty Hub Table

Once you find a property you’re interested in, just click to see details, which include basic real estate listing info, and critical data on the foreclosure process. Most importantly you can see driver notes and keep your own notes.
RealtyHub Detail View